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      Double Roll Granulator

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      Description of double roll granulators:

      ZL series of double roll granulators are designed and developed by our company based on our years of production experience and the technology of old type double roll granulators. It can be widely applicated to the industries like fertilizer processing, feed production and chemical industry which make granulation of materials in powder.



      The features of double roll granulator:
      1.        This machine adopts no-drying process, granulates in normal temperature, and form granules in one time. Therefore, it has the advantages of small investment, fast efficiency, good economic returns, etc.
      The double roll granulator combines granulation, forming, and screening into one system, making it good appearance, simple operation and low consumption of energy. The main parts like the rolls adopt new type metal which is anti-corrosion, wear resistant, and impact resistant.
      2.        The double roll granulator is in wide adaptability of raw materials. It not only can be used for fertilizer granulation, animal feed, chemical industry, and particularly used for rare earths, metallurgy, coal, biological agents, environmental protection engineering with good applicability. To a certain extent, to fill the domestic blank, the machine is in the domestic leading level, is also a project in the promotion of environmental protection engineering
      Working principle of double roll granulator:
      The working principle of the ZL series of double roll granulator: The motor drives the pulley connected to the speed reducer, which rotates two high pressure rolls with smooth sliding shells in opposite direction. The two rolls extrude the materials by a group of gears rotating in reverse. When producing, the raw materials are fed from the hopper to the granulator, get extruded by the two rolls with high pressure, and then flow into the crushing chamber. The crushing device is drived by the sprocket of the rollers. After being crushed, the final granules are screened and discharged from discharging chute.
      Structure description of double roll granulator:
      1.      Machine frame: All parts and accessories are installed on the frame.
      2.      Drive assembly: motor, pulley, V-belt, chain, sprocket, coupling
      3.      Machine head: including bearing frame, a pair of roller shell, two shafts
      4.      Crushing chamber: crushing roll bearing frame, crushing rolls, screen mesh









      granulation rate








      Material moisture content


      Granulation temperature

      Constant temperature

      Ball specification




      6—20N(resistance to crush force)



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