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      Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

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      Description of horizontal ribbon mixer:

      The horizontal putty mixer is able to meet the performance requirements of dry mortar, dry material, adhesive powder production, such as: putty powder, powder coating, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation mortar, decorative mortar needed by the system and other all kinds of dry powder mortar; It covers an area of small, less investment, quick effect, simple operation, and many other advantages.

      Features of horizontal ribbon mixer:

      1. It adopts screw conveyor to discharge and discharges fast;
      2. The material is flexible, and open valve pocket bag can be used;
      3. The basic accurate precision of electric control system can make the finished product packing, save the cost of users to buy automatic quantitative packaging machine;
      4. Small investment, quick effect, apply to an individual or a small processing plants.

      Detailed introductin of horizontal ribbon mixer:

      1, this machine is horizontal cylinder, three layers inside and outside whose spiral belt has a unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and has a variety of agitator structure, USES a wide range of multifunctional mixing equipment;
      2, fast mixing, high mixing uniformity, especially the viscosity, spiral belt can install scraper, more adapt thickens, paste mixed;
      3, under the request of different material mixed (special materials must be clean every time after mixing), with different spiral band structure, heating, drying of model;
      4, can be customized according to customer's requirements.
      5, horizontal door the body can also be equipped with activity, so that for user to clean.
      6 a reliable after-sales service, let customers buy the rest assured, with enjoyable.

      Techinical specification of horizontal ribbon mixer:

      Model> 250> 500> 1000> 2000>
      Machine size mm> 2100×69×140> 2800×980×2100> 2800×1100×2100> 3600×1200×2300>
      Motor power kw> 3KW> 7.5~11KW> 7.5~11KW> 11~15KW>
      Batch capacity kg(L)> 250kg> 500kg> 1000kg> 2000kg>
      Mixing time (min)> 3-6> 3-6> 3-6> 3-6>
      Material size(mm)> 0.01-2> 0.01-2> 0.01-2> 0.01-2>
      Eveness degree(CV)> >95%> >95%> >95%> >95%>
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